Retouch is a non-profit organization bringing Education and discipleship to children on the coast of Kenya.

Our Story

Building Schools, Inspiring Dreamers, & Sharing the Love of Jesus in the Least Likely of Places.

We are a non-profit organization bringing hope to kids in Kenya through education and discipleship. “We” is a team of dedicated individuals, made up of co-founders Chris and Jennifer Hadsell, a wonderful group of passionate Kenyan community leaders, and a small handful of experts who volunteer their talents and time.

Retouch was created to provide and equip those in need. Those needs brought us to the coast of Kenya, nestled along the Indian Ocean in the shadows of luxury resorts and large tankers hauling the world’s resources north and south. We discovered a community of people who were searching for opportunities to change the lives of their kids; the”slum kids” fighting alongside their parents to provide food and shelter by any means possible.

We began by asking questions and collecting research through personal stories; hours and hours of sitting on the floor with small groups of women listening to their individual and collective histories. There were entire days, when the only time we spoke was to ask a follow-up question, say thank you for a cup of tea, or pray for those who’d gathered.

In 2012, we worked with community leaders to find an opportunity for forty kids to become students. With the help of friends and family we were able to provide these kids with the supplies and uniform they needed to attend school. We were able to hire teachers, put systems and processes in place, and stand out of the way as God breathed life into a community through Education. Those 40 kids quickly snowballed into the 350 we help today.

Now, we are building schools, recruiting community teachers, equipping educators to go above and beyond in teaching students, and introducing new curriculum. All within a community, and a group of “slum kids”, that was largely forgotten.

Our goal is to see every willing child and family experience God through the gift of education. We want to see classrooms full of smiling children challenged and empowered by going to school. As long as there are kids along the coast of Kenya, who are searching for an opportunity to go to school, we will continue to answer the call put before us.

How We Work



Before anything else, we lean in to understand each village and its people on an intimate level. We listen for specific needs— whether those be physical resources or spiritual support.



Education is the instrument of change in Kenya. We provide resources so children receive quality Education, learn skills, and break free from the reality of poverty or sexual exploitation.



There is remarkable power in hearing the gospel from a familiar member of the village. We equip local pastors of the community to share the gospel and lead their people.



We work to instill a sense of worth in children as their lives are holistically transformed through Education and spiritual guidance. Our hope is that kids can be kids again.


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