Frequently Asked Questions


What is “Retouch”?

Retouch is a missions organization that provides holistic education to at-risk communities on the coast of Kenya. Retouch is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization EIN 45-2707836.

What does Retouch do?

We build schools and inspire dreamers. We construct classrooms and libraries,  feed the hungry, train leaders and plant churches.

What does Retouch do for children in ministry sites?

We put kids in school, offering them a chance at an outstanding life. We feed them 2 meals a day, provide basic medical care, clothing and counseling. We aim for holistic care that creates the possibility for maximum transformation.

How can I volunteer for Retouch?

Yes! We are looking for volunteers to help with social media posts. We are also in need of volunteers in Atlanta, GA every December to help organizing clothing donations that we receive.  We are also looking for interns who would like to spend at least 3 months at either of our schools in Kenya.  If you are interested, you can send an email to hello@retouch.is.

What is Retouch’s position on international education?

Education is the key to unlock the potential of children everywhere. By educating people we are providing them with unlimited possibilities to transform their communities.  Africa has suffered for an extremely long time and we believe one of the main causes is a systemic lack of education. We aim to change that.

Where does Retouch get its funding?

The majority of our funding is from private donors, families, young adults, business professionals and the everyone in between. Together, we can make a difference.

What portion of Retouch’s budget is spent helping children?

Over 90% of donations go directly to helping Children. You can find a copy of our donor statement here:

How can I make a monthly donation?

You can make recurring donations here: retouch.is/give

How can I update my monthly donation?

Updating your donations is easy! Simply visit our donor portal here: Donor Login

What is Retouch’s tax ID number?

Our tax ID number is 45-2707836