Birikani Campaign

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Birikani Campaign

Literacy is Freedom

We have sung this praise, Literacy is Freedom, since the day we dropped everything and moved to Mwabila, Kenya with a small team of supporters. Retouch has always believed in education and discipleship, marking a path forward for kids and communities. Today, we have so many kids ready to learn that we’re building a second school!

A permanent school in Birikani means hope for the future.

In 2014, one of our pastors took us to the Birikani village about 2 hours away from our current school. When we arrived, we went to a mud hut schoolroom where 35 kids of all ages were learning from one very young teacher. The children didn’t have desks, or seats. They sat on rocks in the dirt.

We returned multiple times over the course of a few weeks, and were greeted by not only the chief, but the entire village waiting in expectation. We knew we had an opportunity we couldn’t ignore. We would join with the community to build a permanent school, creating a new path for not only kids, but their families as well.

200 children have dreamed wildly of attending school.

200 kids who have dreamed of flipping through the pages of a book. Kids who are eager to learn, and share their experiences with others. Kids who can reverse poverty. Kids who can learn skills and provide for their families.

Kids who can change the world for good.


To place kids in the classroom for the first time and build a school, we need to factor in labor, materials, and training for local teachers. A generous donor has offered to match once we reach $15,000 to help us meet our goal of $45,000.