Moving to Africa!

We have some exciting news!
After much prayer, this September, Chris and Jennifer Hadsell will be moving to Pemba, Mozambique and will be serving as the Directors of the Visitor Center for Iris Ministries.  We have felt the call of God for a while to do long term missions, and feel like God is releasing us to do so now.  You can find out more about Iris and Heidi/Rolland Baker on their website:

We feel this move will allow us to best serve Retouch, our schools, and our kids. It will allow us more opportunities to participate and grow the work Retouch is doing and it will also open up doors that we have not had previously.  Business will continue on as usual for our schools and kids, and we look forward to being able to see them more!  All of the programs we are currently running such as Sponsorship, Church Leadership, Feeding Programs and the new church building, will all continue as normal, and will not see any changes do to our move. We view this move as an expansion, and a step in the right direction for Retouch.

Both of our schools have incredible local leadership and staff, so we feel confident that our move will only help to grow the ministry and the work Retouch is doing.  You can read more about our leadership at

The only real change will be that the Hadsells personally will now call Mozambique, rather than Chattanooga, TN home. We will still be able to continue with all of the administrative work for Retouch, only now we will be much closer to the action :). We anticipate easier communication for our Sponsors to their kids, and more frequent updates about our schools, as well as much more pictures.

If you would like to follow our personal journey, you can do so at:
We would also love to answer any questions you may have about how this move may affect you, or Retouch in general. Please feel free to email us at

Thank you so much for your prayers and support, we feel so honored to have such an incredible group of people supporting the vision God has placed on our hearts. We are very excited about these next steps for our Ministry and for Retouch!